Dr. Aviv's clinic is focusing in oral rehabilitation (Prosthodontics) putting of special emphasis to the anterior esthetic region of the mouth, using advanced implant and periodontal surgery techniques, creating a more pleasing and beautiful smile, according to patient choice - by means of laser devices and computerized simulation systems - Innovative and exclusive method developed by Dr. Aviv -

Hi-Tec Reversed Dentistry

Besides this, the clinic provides professional consultation and treatment plan services to general practitioner dentists and patients, using computerized graphics simulation techniques, in the subsequent fields:
  1. General examination.
  2. Building exclusive program treatment.
  3. Complicated dental and oral treatments.
  4. Providing help in those treatment executed by other dentists.
Additional dental and oral treatments:

  1. Legal consultation.
  2. Providing assistance to the general practitioner dentist and patient in difficult diagnosis cases and complex program treatments.
  3. Oral hygiene maintenance and teeth cleaning by oral hygienist.
  4. Root canal treatments service performed by endodontist.
  5. Gums treatment and basic surgical operations.
  6. Implants.
  7. Fix partial or full dentures.
  8. Removable partial or full dentures to the young and older patient.